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Harbor Plastic Surgery Center Staff


Pamela CruzPamela Cruz
Clinical Manager, Medical Assistant and Histotechnician

Pam manages our clinical staff, keeps the clinic and surgery center running smoothly and ensures that we meet or exceed governmental and accreditation requirements.  She is very involved in Mohs surgery cases, cutting the tissue and preparing slides for tissue study. Prior to joining Harbor Plastic Surgery Center, Pam was a Medical Assistant for 14 years.

In her free time, Pam enjoys camping, hiking, biking and the outdoors as well as spending time with her husband and 2  children.




Erin Cox
Erin CoxFront Office Manager and Team Lead

Erin manages the front office of Harbor Plastic Surgery Center.  She schedules patient appointments and surgeries and makes sure that surgeries are pre-authorized for patients using insurance.  She also provides assistance to patients coming to our city from out of the area.

Erin joined our team with broad experience in the health care customer service field.  Prior to joining Harbor Plastic Surgery Center, she started her career as a pharmacy technician.  Following that, she spent 10 years in a pain clinic where she worked her way from front desk work to managing the entire clinic. 

When she is not at work, Erin enjoys traveling, spending time with her son, practicing photography, working out and walking her dog, Bentley.


Lee Weller-Stepp, RN  Erin Cox
Operating Room Nurse

Lee works with patients to make sure they are comfortable going into surgery and fully recovered after surgery. She came to Harbor Plastic Surgery Center with over 20 years of nursing experience in a variety of areas: infectious disease, med/surg, oral surgery, cosmetic surgery and general surgery.

Lee lives in Gig Harbor with her husband and spends as much time as she can with her 2 boys. When she is not at work or spending time with friends and family, she is a popular aerobics and spinning instructor.




Ty Bolin Erin Cox
Surgical Scrub Tech, Histotech and Medical Assistant

Ty assists Dr. Piasecki in both the clinic and operating room.  He ensures the operating room is cleaned and prepped between cases and maintains the workflow in our clinic to make sure that Dr. Piasecki has enough time to answer each patient question.  He also assists with Mohs surgery, cutting the tissue and preparing slides for tissue study.

Outside of HPSC, Ty is an actor and model and has been featured in many plays locally.  He is also pursueing a career in nursing.




Melvin Tan Erin Cox

Melvin works alongside Dr. Piasecki during each patient-doctor encounter, assisting him with required documentation so he can focus on direct patient care. Melvin brings to our team an extensive customer service background - working most recently as a Four Seasons concierge and has also worked at Walt Disney Resorts.  He has also always had a passion for science, working as a vet technician before deciding to pursue a career in medicine.  

Melvin is currently building his resume to apply for medical school.  When not at HPSC or studying for the MCAT, Melvin enjoys exploring his new City of Gig Harbor.


Erin CoxQuality Assurance Manager, Surgical Scrub Tech, Histotech and Medical Assistant

Roxy assists Dr. Piasecki in both the clinic and operating room. She ensures the surgical supplies are prepped for surgery and maintains a sterile field during each case. She manages quality assurance and helps to keep the clinic running smoothly. She also assists with Mohs surgery, cutting the tissue, and preparing the slides for tissue study.

Roxy has worked in the medical field for the past 8 years and is very passionate about patient care. Outside of HPSC Roxy enjoys photography, fishing, hiking, and spending time with her boyfriend and two puppies, Millie and Luna. 



Erin CoxMedical Scribe

Kate works with Dr. Piasecki to document each patient encounter. This service allows Dr. Piasecki to devote more time to patient care and outcomes. Kate has previous experience working and volunteering with seniors at her local assisted living facility and kids at a summer theater camp. Her studies in college have inspired her to pursue medicine and she is now in the process of applying to medical school.  

In her free time, you can find her playing with her German shepherd mix, Millie. She also enjoys cooking, baking, singing and spending time with her family.  



Michele Hnatishan
Michele HnastishanBilling Manager

Michele submits insurance claims and bills patients for their procedures at Harbor Plastic Surgery Center. She is committed to answering patient questions regarding their accounts and maintains a high level of attention to detail while billing.  Michele has 7 years of experience as a billing specialist and office manager for a general surgeon in Kitsap County.

Michele enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, snowshoeing and gardening. She also enjoys traveling, yoga and cooking for family and friends.  Michele and her husband reside in Poulsbo and have both a grown son and daughter.



Jill Piasecki
Jill PiaseckiAdministrator
Jill comes to Harbor Plastic Surgery Center with thirteen years of healthcare consulting experience.  She has worked in various settings across our country and internationally.  She enjoys working on a day-to-day basis with her husband at Harbor Plastic Surgery Center and managing Cosmetic MD skincare. Jill spends most of her time outside of the office chauffeuring their three active daughters around the Gig Harbor area.  When away from the kids, she enjoys running and tennis.